Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Viral, This Rare Goat Has A Human Face And Is Called An Avatar From God


(Viral, This Rare Goat Has A Human Face and Is Called An Avatar From God)(Viral, This Rare Goat Has A Human Face and Is Called An Avatar From God) -

Many people say that pets tend to look like their owners. But what happens when a pet goat really has the same face as a human?

The Daily Star exhibits a goat from Rajasthan, India, with a human face, calling it a 'mutant goat'. Unlike most animals that have eyes on the sides of their heads for a better edge appearance, these goats have eyes in front of their faces like predators and humans.

Experts have suggested that the goat may have a rare congenital defect called 'cyclopia', where the goat gene, which normally creates facial symmetry, fails to form properly.

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The goat is now worshiped as an 'Avatar from God'. Despite the flaw on his face, the goat still looks like a handsome little boy. Let's hope this goat will have a normal life span like his other friends.



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