Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Incredible! Falling From a Height of 90 Feet, This Woman Rose and Walked Leisurely, This Was the Secret


The incidentThe incident - A 27-year-old woman slumped from a height of 90 feet from a Russian tower block into the snow.

However, three seconds later the woman rose from the snowball where she fell. This incident is known to occur in an apartment in downtown Izluchinsk.

He crashed into a large pile of snow as a result, he snowed in the snow as if spraying like a snow bomb that exploded.

For a few moments the video made the heart flutter, but the woman then began to move and sit down steadily before lifting herself and calmly leaving.

The unnamed woman then sought help from her neighbors and asked them to call an ambulance, according to local reports.

He is now in a hospital in the oil-rich Khanty-Mansi autonomous region in western Siberia.

The doctor confirmed that the woman had internal bruises but was "shocked" that she had no broken bones after her terrible fall.

Police are believed to be investigating the fall, but the woman is said to have been home alone when it happened.

Reports say there is no criminal motive, but it is still unclear why he fell.


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