Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Not Achieving Target, Commission III Evaluates 20 UPT of Regional Income Regency in Riau


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In order to evaluate the performance in optimizing revenue as possible Commission III DPRD Riau on last Thursday, January 23, 2020 gathered 20 Technical Service Units (UPT) in the Riau Provincial Regional Development Planning Agency (Bapenda).

The meeting was immediately chaired by Deputy Chairman of Commission III Karmila Sari. Also present in the evaluation were members of the Riau DPRD Syamsurizal, Abu Khoiri, Sofyan Siroj Abdul Wahab, Ramos Tedy Sianturi, James Pasaribu and Sugeng Pranoto. Also present were the Head of Bappeda, the Secretary and the complete 20 existing UPT Heads.

Karmila Sari after the meeting said that this activity was carried out by none other than to be committed in increasing Regional Original Revenue (PAD).

"So the target has been submitted, the realization in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. There are some that have achieved the target but some are far from 50 percent," she said.

This is unfortunate to happen according to this Golkar politician given the huge income potential. All that's left is how UPT digs optimally.

"So in the future we no longer want activity plans but already in the form of activities. Likewise the tax potential in each region," she added.

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It was also conveyed by this Election District of Rokan Hilir, so far each year the added regional income has only reached one or two billion.

"It seems that UPT is looking for safety every year. The target is only to increase by one or two billion," she said.



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