Jennifer Lawrence blames Trump Victory for disaster hit US


Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence - In the last few months, lots of natural disaster struck the United States. Jennifer Lawrence believe there is any relationship between Trump’s victories with natural disasters occurred.

Houston hit by floods over the impact of Hurricane Harvey last month, and now Hurricane Irma predicted would hit Miami in the near future. Jennifer Lawrence ever refer to it as nature anger over the indifference of Trump on climate change while being interviewed on Channel 4 not long ago.

"It's very scary when know climate change is caused by human action, but all of us continue to ignore it," said Jennifer Lawrence as quoted from Dailymail, Monday (11/9).

Jennifer Lawrence then blame the public who chose Donald Trump as President, known to not believe in climate change. "All of us are currently witnessing this deadly storm, and it was difficult to promote the film ' Mother! ' without feeling the anger of the universe," she added.

Shortly after the interview was broadcasted, Jennifer Lawrence is 'attacked' by supporters of Trump in social media. Not a few who then invites other supporters to boycott the film 'Mother!'

"Said Jennifer Lawrence, Hurricane Irma, Harvey is the anger of nature because the victory of Trump. Stupid Hollywood artist," tweeted one Twitter user.




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