Parking lot became new problem for China apartment residents


Apartment in ChinaApartment in China - The parking lot became one problem should be prepared for those who have a vehicle. Not just a place, but a fairly high parking fees must also be paid.

In some cities in China like Tianjin, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Nanjing, for those who recently bought an apartment will also be priced high fee of car parking. Car owners living in new apartments must pay 1 million Yuan, equivalent to Rp 2 billions.

"There is an increase in the price of the apartment but not with parking fees, therefore we offer sale apartments with parking lots as compensation," said one of the developers in Shanghai who are reluctant to be named, reported by Reuters, Friday (8/ 9).

"Recently we sell parking lots in Xiamen with 1 million Yuan each, whereas last year it costs only 200 thousand Yuan," he continued. In the major cities in China, such as Shanghai and Beijing, are indeed its parking price even exceeded 1 million Yuan.

"The cost of parking lots in the city of Nanjing and Suzhou used to not reach 100 thousand Yuan, but now exceeding 300 thousand Yuan. Is it normal? Of course not," said CEO for eastern China at Realtor Centaline, Clement Gottwald.

But apparently if you have no car, the apartment owners are also required to keep paying parking which is not cheap. "The seller of his apartment saying I can buy an apartment if I also pay parking lot," says one of the residents of the apartment, Tian.

In China, the developers will only sell the parking lots to the residents of the apartment.



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