Kamila Andini film roars in Toronto International Film Festival


IllustrationIllustration - After 'The Mirror Never Lies' also 'Sendiri Diana Sendiri' (Following Diana), Kamila Andini presents 'The Seen and Unseen' as her latest work. The film screening was prepared at the Toronto International Film Festival, held 7 to 17 September.

Before it opened to the public, a number of foreign media and critics have watched the film that previewed at the event.

'The Seen and Unseen' is regarded as one of the flagship film event recommended TIFF to be seen by the public. Foreign media mentions this film brings the unique stories of films from other countries also broadcast there.

Bring stories about twin boy and girl or twin buncing in Balinese terms, 'The Seen and Unseen' became one of the imaginative stories that are rich in meaning.

"The Film features holistic elements at once a culture that is not owned by other films. There are no characters that have been prominent and famous involved, yet this movie slip deep Sekala Niskala philosophy," said a film critic 'Women and Hollywood'.





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