A mysterious light after Mexico earthquake make fear netizens


A mysterious light after Mexico earthquake make fear netizensA mysterious light after Mexico earthquake make fear netizens -  Recently, an 8.4 magnitude (SR) earthquake rocked off the coast of Mexico. At least 58 people died in the disaster.

The quake, which happened at 165 kilometers west of Chiapas state, occurred before midnight on Thursday, September 7 2017 , and was named the strongest earthquake in the country since 1985.

The tsunami warning says waves as high as 3 meters after the big earthquake will occur. While some residents were busy to saving themselves, they were surprised by the unusual view of the Mexican night sky.

A mysterious flash of green and blue light appeared in the sky of Mexico city. Reported by Metro, a resident had time to take a video of green and blue light phenomenon that radiates from the distance.

Seismologist, Stephen Hicks said the light of the earthquake was never proven. A simpler explanation, the light visible after the Mexican earthquake occurred due to a small explosion in the electric generator.

Not only when the Mexican earthquake occurred, the light that very similar to the aurora is indeed several times seen after the earthquake occurred, one of which is when the earthquake in Kalapana, Hawaii in 1975.

But until now scientists are still not able to determine where the light appears.

Currently, Mexico city situation is still an emergency. The Mexican earthquake has made all windows in Mexico's international airport was damaged. Mexican society has been evacuated to a safer place.



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