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Students in Riau make fundraising care for Muslim Rohingnya


Students in Riau make fundraising care for Muslim RohingnyaStudents in Riau make fundraising care for Muslim Rohingnya -  Dozens of elementary school students (SDN) of 001 Rambah, District Rambah, Rokan Hulu (Rohul) Riau Province raise funds to donate to the Rohingnya refugees.

The fund raising by SDN 001 Rambah as one of the model schools in Riau Province is as a matter of concern and help the Rohingya refugees who are experiencing violence in Myanmar.

The teacher of SDN 001 Rambah, Nana Susanti revealed that fund raising by SDN 001 Rambah, to instill social attitude to students from early age, so that solidarity arises because of the suffering of Rohingya Muslims.


"The assembly of teachers is also very enthusiastic to help fund for Muslim Rohingnya and hopefully can be an example for other schools," said Nana Susanti told, Tuesday 12 September 2017.

A similar action was also made by the student of University of Pasirpengaraian University (UPP) Rohul, Riau, to raise funds to donate to Rohingya refugees in the street, at the intersection of four Pasir Pengaraian urban parks to raise aid funds to motorists passing by the highway.

The action social for Rohingya takes the attention of the passing community, by setting aside the money to donate to the Rohingyas.

Later on, donations will be sent through the social agency accounts that have been provided so that they can be used by Rohingya refugees for food and other in refugee camps in both Myanmar and Bangladesh

A student, Zakia is deeply concerned about the condition of Rohingya refugees. He hopes that what she has done, can ease the burden of suffering the victims of ethnic Muslim Rohingya.

Zakia also added, after fundraising, UPP students will perform supernatural prayers and tabligh akbar.


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