Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Don't be Proud! the Cause of None of Indonesian Citizens Affected by Corona Virus Turns Out Because of This


CoronavirusCoronavirus - More than 8000 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed worldwide, with the majority in China.

However, surprisingly until this moment none of Indonesian people have contracted this dangerous virus from Wuhan.

In fact, the coronavirus has spread to 19 other countries and almost all countries close to Indonesia experienced this outbreak.

Like neighboring Australia, then in Asia there are Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Philippines.

All reported having confirmed coronavirus cases.

In fact, these countries have a population that is much smaller than Indonesia.

Then how come none of the Indonesians has the coronavirus?

According to The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on Friday (31 January 20), Indonesia currently does not have the ability to detect the coronavirus.

Indonesian medical laboratories do not have the testing kits needed quickly to detect the coronavirus, claims one Indonesian biologist.

The reagents needed are only available in the next few days.

Professor Amin explained the possibility that the coronavirus had appeared in Indonesia but had not yet been detected, and noted that all countries close to Indonesia had reported it.



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