Apparently, Mercury is not the hottest planet on solar system


Apparently, Mercury is not the hottest planet on solar systemApparently, Mercury is not the hottest planet on solar system - In the field of space technology, Indonesia lags far behind other countries. Although in the 1980s, Indonesia had almost recorded its name in the history of the world by sending two astronauts.

But, the Challenger plane accidents, eventually canceled the flight of the Indonesian astronaut.

In space, Mercury is referred to as the hottest planet in the solar system. The sun as a source of human life, produces energy that we can feel on Earth in the form of heat of sunlight.

Because of the heat of the sun, people will assume that the closer to the Sun, the more heat it will feel.

The sun has a surface that can reach heat 5,510 degrees Celsius (5,780 Kelvin) up to 15 million degrees Celsius. So it is no wonder that people think the planet that is closest to the Sun is Mercury is the hottest planet in our solar system.

However, it is not Mercury which is the hottest planet.

Although Mercury is only 57.91 million kilometers from the Sun (Earth is 149.6 million kilometers from the Sun), the planet's surface reaches its hottest point of daylight at 450 degrees Celsius.

Because Mercury is not have atmospheric, so the heat is not stuck on the surface and wasted into space.

As for the planet Mercury's rotation is very slow, one day in Mercury is equal to 58 days on Earth, then on the night side that is not exposed to sunlight will be very cold that is minus 172 degrees Celsius.

Venus is the planet's hottest in solar system.
The planet Venus has a much more concentrated atmosphere than Earth. Venus's atmosphere consists of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Or in other words, the planet Venus is experiencing the eternal greenhouse effect.

Due to the hot temperatures trapped in Venus's atmosphere due to the greenhouse effect, so the lowest temperature on Venus is 462 degrees Celsius.

Venus may be considered as a beautiful planet, but Venus is actually a super-hot planet and contains toxins in the atmosphere.



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