Want to looks unique with hair color, but the hair of this woman must be cut off


Want to looks unique with hair color, but the hair of this woman must be cut offWant to looks unique with hair color, but the hair of this woman must be cut off -  To have unique style, many young and old likes to colored their hair in different shades. But, not everybody can colored their hair in the salon, as 5 percent of people who dye their hair can develop an allergy to a certain ingredient in the product used.

ParaPhenyleneDiamine, or PPD, is found in most commercially produced hair dyes, as is peroxide. When the two react, the PPD becomes partially oxidized and colored; in this state, it can lead to an allergic reaction. This was what happened to this woman, after her salon attendant dyed her hair not once—but four times!

A woman named Deng wanted to dye her hair be ash green, and she decided to go to a Salon in the city of Deyangm, Sichuan province, in China, on August 1 2017.

The whole process took seven hours and she had to go through dyeing process four times. The hairdresser told her that they had to ‘bleach’ her hair first, which was normal when dyeing hair.

However, the hairdresser claimed that the hair colour was inconsistent, and went ahead with a second treatment. At this point, Deng complained that she felt her scalp burning but the hair stylist said that this was normal and asked her to endure for a bit.

During the third treatment, Deng complained about pain and burning sensation she had all over her scalp, and said that there might be something wrong with the products used.

The hairdresser insisted that it was normal, and that she uses the same product on everybody else. However, to Deng’s dismay, the colour came out to be apple green instead of ash green.

The long-suffering Deng was told that this brand’s ash green colour would turn into this colour and there was nothing wrong. So, for the fourth time that day, Deng’s tresses were then dyed back to black, her original colour but during this time she could not take the pain until her tears started to flow.

Deng was told to endure, but she claimed she could no longer tolerate the pain. She then called her daughter to pick her up. The hairdresser soon realized something was wrong.

Deng was sent to the hospital where the dermatologist said that she was suffering from anaphylactic shock because of allergic reaction to the hair dye and her scalp were covered in 40% chemical burns. It turned out that her scalp was already burnt because of the chemical compounds in the product, which resulted to an anaphylactic shock.The dermatologist had no choice but to advise Deng to shave off all her long hair as he was afraid that the residual dye may cause a more adverse reaction.

Deng was hospitalised for five days.

Deng decided to sue the salon for compensation for medical fees, mental damage, wig costs and other related expenses which amounted to a total of 60,000 yuan (RM38,867).

However, the hair stylist, who had over a decade of experience said that she had never encountered such a situation before. They agreed to pay for her medical fees amounting to 2,600 yuan (RM1,684) but refused to bear the other costs. Deng is considering legal action against the hair salon.



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