Prophet Muhammad : The best food is salt


Prophet Muhammad : The best food is saltProphet Muhammad : The best food is salt - In accordance with the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) narrated Al-Baihaqi that "The best of the fish is salt" So salt is not the cause of the disease, but the most effective medicine should be used in the right way.

1. Salt can not be cooked

Our mistake is, when we cook, we put the salt into the dish when the food still hot. It will cause salt to be toxic / toxic.

If salt is cooked in the above way, salt will cause to acidify and endanger health and invite various diseases, otherwise the iodine content of salt will also be lost.

The correct way to use salt:

First Benefits:
 - Cook the food that you want until finished.
For example: Put the salt in the dish when the water has warmed.

Second benefit:
 - Cook the food without salt
While eating, prepare a bowl of salt and sprinkle it over the food you want to eat according to their respective tastes.

Salt is a mineral for the body. Salt is used as an appetizer by taking it with the tips of the fingers and mouthpiece.

2. Salt is a mineral

The advantages include treating more than 70 illnesses, and will not suffer from sudden death.

Various illnesses arising from salt such as cardiac symptoms and high blood pressure are the result of misuse of salt.



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