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Fantastic! This is the List of Indonesian Jobs Whose Salaries Are Above IDR 10 Million, Hurry Up for Hunting


IllustrationIllustration - Robert Walters has just released payroll data in Asia, including Indonesia for 2020. The data released includes several fields of work from technology to marketing.

From the results of the Robert Walters survey, it was mentioned that there are also a number of sectors that are becoming trends in RI, namely technology, legal, and marketing. Not only that, the financial sector is still developing and ogled by job seekers.

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1. Technology

Based on the estimates, specifically for the technology sector, the highest salary reaches IDR1.9 billion per year, aka the equivalent of IDR158 million per month.

The salary is for the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) alias technology director. Underneath is the position of Project Director alias Project Director whose salary reaches IDR1.4 billion or around IDR116 million per month.

Meanwhile, the lowest salary in the accounting sector is in the position of accountant, starting from IDR150 million to IDR 250 million a year, or around IDR12.5 million to IDR21 million a month.

While the highest salary is held by the position of the Director of Finance, starting from IDR1.8 billion to IDR3 billion a year, equivalent to IDR150 million to IDR250 million a month.

For banks, the highest salary is in the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) where this year is above IDR5 billion per year or IDR416 million per month. That number is higher than in 2019 of IDR 4.8 billion per year.

At the bottom, there is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), wherein 2020 a total of Rp 2.8 billion or Rp 233 million per month. Then, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of IDR2.1 billion or IDR175 million per month.

The data also includes a list of salaries in bank operations, including cash management operations, credit administrations, trade or treasury operations, and client onboarding. Where for the level of assistant vice president (AVP) is IDR 440 million to IDR 700 million per year or equivalent to IDR 36 million to IDR 58 million.


2. Marketing

While in marketing, the highest salary in sales lies in the position of sales and marketing director, where each year reaches IDR 1.5 billion to IDR 2 billion. That is, the salary received each month is IDR 125 million to IDR 166 million.

Then, followed by the sales director with an annual salary of IDR1.2 billion to IDR1.8 billion or IDR100 million to IDR150 million per month.

The lowest sales salaries are regional sales manager positions with salaries of IDR450 million to IDR550 million per year or IDR37.5 million to IDR 45 million per month.

Meanwhile, for the highest salary marketing is in the position of chief marketing officer with a salary of IDR1.5 billion to IDR3 billion per year or IDR125 million to IDR250 million per month.

The lowest is a brand manager with a salary of IDR340 million to IDR600 million per year or IDR28 million to IDR50 million a month.
List of Jobs in the Republic of Indonesia whose Salaries Are Above IDR10 Million.

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3. Legal

Furthermore, the highest legal salary in Indonesia is in the position of legal director ot general counsel. This year, the salary range is IDR 1.75 billion to IDR 2.4 billion per year or IDR 145 million to IDR200 million a month.

The next position is the vice president of legal or general counsel with a salary of IDR1.6 billion to IDR1.9 billion per year or IDR133 million to IDR158 million per month.

Then, the head of legal & compliance salary is IDR900 million to IDR 1.3 billion per year or IDR75 million to IDR108 million per month.



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