Hope Hicks appointed as new white house communication director


Hope Hicks appointed as new white house communication directorHope Hicks appointed as new white house communication director -  After some time unfilled, White House Communications Director Office of the United States is now run by Hope Hicks.

The 28-year-old woman that had previously been one of Donald Trump's staff while campaigning in 2016.

Reported by BBC, Wednesday, September 13 2017, Hicks was appointed to the White House Communications Director to replace Anthony Scaramucci. Anthony was fired when new served for 10 days in July.

Hicks previously known as models in the fashion business that belonging to Ivanka Trump. Her action in the world of politics and organization of the U.S. presidential election campaign appeared on past 2016. Hicks became one of Trump's staff in the field of communication.

Hicks also served as secretary for the press and regulate all matters related to the media during Trump’s campaign.

Previously, the sacking of Scaramuccifrom Communications Director of the White House into a discussion.

The firing is done when Scaramucci has just served 10 days. Scaramucci officially was fired after retired U.S. Marine, General John Kelly, appointed to be head of the new White House staff.

Some sources mention, General Kelly intends to 'fix' the White House from the split and people who like to insult other people from behind.

"There's a new sheriff in town," said a former adviser to the campaign, Barry Bennett, referring to General Kelly.



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