Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Being in a Ship with 273 People Affected by Corona Virus, All Indonesian Citizens are Negative Corona Virus, Are Indonesian People 'Immune' to Corona Virus?


IllustrationIllustration - Although the death toll in the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has reached 1,000, up to now there has not been a single positive case of the coronavirus found in Indonesia. Thus, speculation arose that Indonesians had immunity to the new virus from Wuhan.

This speculation strengthened after an examination of 78 Indonesian citizens of Japanese cruise ship crew, Diamond Princess. Where all the Indonesian crew members showed negative results. In fact, of the 3,711 people aboard the cruise ship, 273 were examined for contact with the coronavirus COVID-19.

The possibility of immunity that makes Indonesians avoid infection with the coronavirus COVID-19 was mentioned by the Director-General of Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) Ministry of Health Dr. Anung Sugihantono.

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Concerning immunity to the coronavirus, Prof. David H Muljono, a senior researcher at the Eijkman Molecular Biology Institute, has his own explanation.

He explained that each person's immunity was a relative thing. There are many factors that affect someone sick. But there are also many factors that affect a healthy person.

In addition, he mentioned several factors that might be the reason why until now Indonesia has not been exposed to a new type of coronavirus.

According to him, it was caused by several factors, such as the vigilance factor of Indonesians who immediately used masks and maintained their health when the virus spread.



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