Buckingham Palace held open exhibition displayed Princess Diana goods


Buckingham Palace held open exhibition displayed Princess Diana goodsBuckingham Palace held open exhibition displayed Princess Diana goods -  As a tribute to Princess Diana, a special exhibition held at Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom. Personal items of the Princess will be shown there.

The 20-year commemoration of the death of Princess Diana took place this year. As part of a tribute to the late Princess Diana, an exhibition held which displays personal items belonging to the 'Princess of Wales' was at Buckingham Palace, London, United Kingdom.

Reported from CNN, Wednesday September 13 2017 these items any more or less showing what the life of a Princess of Wales. The objects on display is a selection from Prince William and Harry.

In the exhibition area has been fitted to desks and chairs once used by the Princess to sit and work, sometimes while listening to her favorite song.

On the table, looked neat stuff, including Princess Diana's favorite photos of her children. Next to it, there is a box of classic songstapes. There are also tapes Lionel Richie and Elton John.

Later, ballet shoes, a typewriter and a Princess Diana school bag can also be seen at the exhibition. Plaques, gifts received by Princess Diana during her visit to other countries taking part are displayed.

One of them is a gift from U.S. President, Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, in the form of a silver Cartier calendar of 1985.

The exhibition will last until October 1, 2017. Traveler who planning a vacation to London, just stopped here while the Palace allowed tourists to entry. Buckingham Palace did not any time opened to tourist.

Every year, the castle is only open to the public when the summer season. So, this moment is indeed a tourist favorite made a visit to the Palace. In 2016, the visitors even reached more than half a million tourists.



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