Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Disgusting! This Online Motorcycle Driver Found Feces in His Motorcycle Seat, How come?


Feces was found in the motorbike of online driverFeces was found in the motorbike of online driver - Various interesting experiences are often experienced by passengers and motorcycle taxi drivers online (ojol). One of them is like the story shared by the Twitter account @ gojek24jam on 11 February, which found something unexpected on the seat of the motorcycle after delivering passengers.

The disgusting experience is known to come from the account owner who shares the screenshot with a WhatsApp group. Where the group seems to only consist of fellow online drivers.

The driver sent a picture of his back seat motorbike that looked dirty and blotchy.

Unexpectedly, the spotting on the seat of the motorbike was feces (defecate) from a passenger who had just delivered.

"If you want to defecate, you don't need to be shy, just say to the driver. Do not let this happen, guys," wrote the account owner @ gojek24jam in the description column.

Uploads that have been shared more than 90 times to fellow Twitter users also reap a variety of comets from citizens.

"If you've entered the pores of the foam, the seat has to be changed. The bad aroma will still come out even if it can stick to other passengers' pants," said @GojekOnTwitt.



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