Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Facts of Indonesian People are Immune to Corona Virus Collapse, 83 People Allegedly Infected Corona in North Sumatra


The Indonesian Ministry of Health faces the corona virusThe Indonesian Ministry of Health faces the corona virus - Statements that Indonesians are immune to the coronavirus can no longer be held. As many as 83 people are suspected of being infected with the coronavirus in North Sumatra. The North Sumatra Health Office said they were being observed or quarantined at home to anticipate the spread of the coronavirus.

"Observations were made to anticipate the spread of nCoV (coronavirus novel) in North Sumatra," said Secretary of the North Sumatra Health Service, Dr. Aris Yudhariansyah in Medan, Tuesday (11 February 2020).

Aris did not specify the amount observed in each region in North Sumatra. However, the Medan City Health Office previously stated that in Medan, there were 16 people observed.

The increasing number of people infected with this virus, of course, becomes a dangerous threat to the country.

The North Sumatra team itself continues to monitor the development of the community observed in the house. North Sumatra Provincial Government and the team, he said, increasingly increased vigilance to prevent the entry and spread of the coronavirus.

The public is asked to maintain endurance and cleanliness of the body so it is not easily attacked by the coronavirus.



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