Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Reportedly Troubling Residents, Satpol PP Calls Hangout Management Again


Kasatpol-PP Pekanbaru, Agus Pramono)Kasatpol-PP Pekanbaru, Agus Pramono) -

PEKANBARU - Pekanbaru Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) Pekanbaru gave a second warning, to the management of the Cocktail bar & Kitchen Hangout, on Jalan Pemuda, the end of Payung Sekaki District, on Thursday (13/2).

Pekanbaru City Kasatpol PP, Agus Pramono said, the second warning was given after the public returned to report to his side.

A number of people around the neighborhood said they were still disturbed by the sound coming from the entertainment venue.

"We have sent the second warning letter since Saturday night last night. Today the Hangout Management is coming to us, we affirm them to follow the written agreement that has been made," Agus Pramono said, Thursday (2/13).

Agus explained, a written agreement had been made by Satpol PP to the Hangout management, and they should follow the rules. Among them the Hangout management was asked to follow local regulations (Perda) and turn down the volume of music from the entertainment venue.

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According to him, Satpol PP has so far given warnings and is in the nature of guidance. However, they can provide decisive action if the public complains about the public order that they violated.

"We are warning, we are building. If stubborn, we can also take firm action. It can lead to sealing," he said.

Agus added, so far his officers are still conducting surveillance and monitoring of the entertainment venues. (R24 / put)



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