Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Unnatural Death; Mouth Smothered with Pillow and Bolster, the Body of Miratun Found Rolled in a Mattress


The death body of Miratun when being foundThe death body of Miratun when being found - The police have finished doing crime scene at the home of Miratun (65), a resident of Lingungan 6 Village / District of Ngunut, Tulungagung, Friday (2/14/2020) morning.

Earlier this morning, the woman who was a boarding mother was found dead with her position rolled up in a folding mattress in her room.

Miratun's face was covered with pillows and bolsters, then rolled up with a folding bed.

Now, the body of Miratun is in the Corpse of Drainage Installation (IPJ) of Dr. Iskak Tulungagung Hospital.

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Due to an unnatural death condition, Miratun is suspected of being a murder victim, Miratun's body is planned to be autopsy.

Ngunut Police Chief Commissioner Siti Munawaroh said it would do the crime scene.

The results of the post mortem medical team who participated if the crime scene, Miratun estimated to die more than 6 hours before being discovered.

Also on his body were no signs of violence.

Until now the police are still exploring the mysterious case of Miratun's death.



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