Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Heart Wrenching Story of a Corona Nurse who Saves Heartbreaking News While Struggling


Nurse of Corona patient who is grievingNurse of Corona patient who is grieving - The emergence of a deadly outbreak of the coronavirus or officially known as Covid-19 has prevented medical staff in China from playing in their struggle. They work day and night in the origin of the virus, Wuhan.

There are many stories and stories of how these brave souls work hard just to ensure the health and well-being of their patients.

The medical staff assigned to the Covid-19 hospital had no other choice but to stay in the hospital to prevent possible infections outside the hospital's boundaries.

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One of the nurses who worked at the 'Fire God Mountain' Hospital, he was forced to stay and maintain his duties.

One day while at work, this nurse got a terrible phone call, apparently she got the bad news that her mother had just died.

But because he worked at the quarantine hospital, she was unable to attend the funeral to see her mother for the last time.

The nurse could only cry in her sadness.

When she looked crying, her colleagues tried to cheer him up. However, with tears in her eyes, she decided to immediately return to the forefront of her duty to work.



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