Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Police Hunt Two Colleague of Rohil Regent's Son Involved in a Beating in a Hotel


BeatingsBeatings - The beatings carried out by Ari Sumarna alias AS (33) together with his colleague against Asep Feriyanto (37) resulted in the victim being seriously injured and rushed to the hospital.

It is known, the mastermind behind this beating is the son of Rokan Hilir Suyatno Regent. The perpetrator has also been arrested and named as a suspect of persecution by the Pekanbaru Police.
Pekanbaru Kapolresta Kombes Pol Nandang Mu'min Wijaya on said, currently the case of the persecution has been handled by the Police Criminal Investigation.

Nandang also mentioned that one US perpetrator had been detained.

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In addition, the Kasatreskrim Pekanbaru Police Kompol Awaludin Syam conveyed that the normative investigation process had been carried out.

Now the police are still hunting for two other perpetrators who have also become suspects, both of which are included in the People's Search List (DPO).

Previously, this persecution case occurred Thursday (13 February ) around 12.30 am at HR Soebrantas precisely in the parking lot behind the Mona Hotel, Tuah Karya Village, Tampan District, Pekanbaru City.

At that time, Ari met with Asep at the Pekanbaru City Mona Plaza hotel because he got information that his girlfriend had the initial Res as a victim.

"But at that time, the US saw the girlfriend initials Res with AF, then the US attacked and assaulted Asep with two of his friends," he explained.

The victim was immediately battered and unconscious, a number of hotel officials tried to break up, but to no avail. Feriyanto (37) became a victim and had to receive medical treatment.



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