Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Bloody Blood; Students' Legs in Gowa Injured from Broken Tiles in Class


Elementary school in PaccinonganElementary school in Paccinongan - An elementary school student in Paccinongan, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi), was injured due to a broken tile (floor) of a school. This condition occurs because the principal asks students to take off their shoes, even though there is a broken tile in the classroom.

Head of the Gowa Education Office (Disdik), Salam said, would impose sanctions on the Principal (Kepsek) of SD Paccinongang, because his policy was considered inappropriate.

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Victim on behalf of Firdaus, a grade 6 elementary school student is now experiencing a torn wound due to being hit by broken school tiles. The victim was immediately rushed to the health center for the wound condition.

Even based on the statements of the victims' parents, events like this turned out to have already happened to their children the second time.



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