Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Discussing about The Raid Problem By Bengkalis Traffic Police, Students Hold Discussion, This Is The Result


(Representatives of students came to the Bengkalis Police Satlantas office (photo / Hari))(Representatives of students came to the Bengkalis Police Satlantas office (photo / Hari)) -

BENGKALIS- Last Friday, February 14, 2020, around 6 representatives of students came to the Bengkalis Regional Traffic Police office in Jalan Antara.

The students arrived at the Bengkalis Satlantas office to conduct discussions about routine raids and then stir up on Social Media (Social Media).

The students included Mujib Rizki and Izzati from Bengkalis STAIN Students, Febri Kurniadi from the national movement association (PGK), Malaysian Student Leaders Bengkalis M. Topic Ali and M. Nurdin from Pekanbaru students, six students were welcomed by the Head of Bengkalis District Police Headquarters AKP Hairul Hidayat S .IK.

From the results of the discussion Mujib Rizki and M. Topic Ali, the representative of the students, delivered and immediately gave appreciation to the Satlantas and its staff for having held a meeting like this.

"We have discussions with each other, so we know what the news really is. The thing is, we judge, comments or criticism on these at social media sometimes 100 percent distrust, mostly just to swipe or like to heat, we as students also must be able to respond to it, it often can only be filtered with events like this, "said Mujib Rizky told reporters.

Rizky expressed again and hoped, the ranks of Bengkalis Traffic Police to continue the implementation of this raid activities. At the same time providing information and understanding to the community and students.


"What are the traffic rules that must be obeyed or what have not been fulfilled, and what can the Kasatlantas make to help us. For example, the management of a driving license must be good and use a helmet, so that in implementing the laws of this National Traffic Police how to discipline us , "he said.

Besides that, Rizky continued, in addition to providing drivers with understanding and safety, so that there will be no traffic accidents and things that could endanger the safety of the driver himself.


"Students are ready to become mouthpieces from the results of today's discussion to fellow students. And let's be together, in synergy, so that rules and safety can be maintained. We can work together in this Bengkalis Regency," he said again.

Meanwhile, M. Ali's topic again added that, the raids carried out today by the Bengkalis Satlantas are actually for the good of us all. Especially for generations to come.

"Don't make opinions like in social media anymore, by saying a lot of bad things. What is clear is not to lead opinions that are not, this activity is to provide safety for all of us. We hope that Satlantas will continue to carry out these activities. Because this is an obligation by protecting the community so that orderly traffic will be better, "he concluded. (R24 / Hari)



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