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This Is Why Your Face Looks Different When in the Mirror and Selfie


This Is Why Your Face Looks Different When in the Mirror and SelfieThis Is Why Your Face Looks Different When in the Mirror and Selfie - Some people must be there who can not be far from the mirror. With today's sophisticated cellphone camera technology, we can reflect on cellphones and can even take pictures of ourselves without the help of others.

Then, have you ever felt that the face on the selfie photo looks different from the results when we look in the mirror?

Apparently there are several causes that our faces can look different. This is the cause.

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1. Mirror shows the face is reversed

One of the things that makes our faces look different is the fact that mirrors show faces that are upside down. For example you have a mole on the right cheek. When in front of the mirror, the mole will be seen on the left cheek.

Likewise, when we raise our right hand, the mirror will show that our left hand is raised. Actually, when we look in the mirror, we will see our face upside down.

Because we look in the mirror every day, we indirectly feel that the face reflected is our real face.

2. Cellphone Cameras Show the Real Face

When we take selfies, sometimes we don't like the photos. That's because maybe we feel that our faces are strange and not the same as we have seen in the mirror.

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But actually, a cellphone camera that actually shows our real face. The photo shows that it turns out that faces are what other people see when looking at us.

The cellphone camera will show our face which is the opposite of the mirror. However, because we are used to seeing our faces in the mirror, we will feel strange when we see the opposite of our faces.



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