Five crew have not been found on a ship accident in the straits of Singapore


IllustrationIllustration - Five JBB DE Rong 19 crews, Dominican Republic flagged, reportedly disappeared after ship was wrecked with the MV Kartika, Indonesian flagged in the Singapore Strait, Wednesday (13/9) at around 00:45 am. 7 crews MV Kartika reportedly survived.

Head of Basarnas Office Tanjungpinang Djunaidi said the collision occurred in the Singapore Strait, currently rescue squads Singapore and Indonesia are looking for lost victims.

"The victims are 12 people consisting of 11 Chinese nationals, 1 Malaysian," said Djunaidi.

The missing victims are 4 Chinese nationals and 1 Malaysian.

"The rescue teams from Singapore and the Navy are also looking for missing victims," he explained.

MV Kartika Segara type tanker and JBB DE Rong manifold dredger.



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