Indonesia should prepare for upcoming flu pandemic


IllustrationIllustration - Cases of bird flu in humans with the H5N1 subtype, particularly in Indonesia in the year 2005 until August 2017 noted on 199 cases and 167 of victims whom dies.

Meanwhile, data from the World Health Organization's Monthly Risk shows up to July 25, 2017, there were 859 cases of bird flu in the world with 453 cases of death. This shows that the mortality rate in Indonesia is because of the virus is higher compared to the world.

Found in Ministry of Health office, Prof Sujudi building, Director of the Prevention and Direct Control of Communicable Diseases Health Ministry of Indonesia, dr Wiendra Woworuntu, M. Kes, said that the influenza virus constantly mutates, can be threat to human health.

After H5N1, appeared H5N6 in 2013-2016 with 16 cases in China, according to data from WPRO. "If Indonesia's cumulative cases of H5N6 up to now there has not been the case," said Dr. Wiendra, Wednesday (13/9). Then, there are reported cases 1562 because of H7N9 virus with 607 case suffered a death in the year 2013-2017. H9N2 in 2017 with 3 cases in China.

Although the case has not found the virus subtype, Dr. Wiendra said that Indonesia was supposed to make the effort of keeping and maintaining the capacity for preparedness in the face of the threat of virus pandemic.

"To be able to conduct mitigation effects and controlling emergency, preparedness is key," said the Chairman of the WHO Emergency Health Team Representative to Indonesia, Dr. Kwang Il Rim.

Such preparedness training efforts are planned to be carried out by applying simulated pandemic influenza mitigation in the region of South Tangerang, Banten, on the 19-20 September 2017.




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