Former ISIS members revealed ISIS’s lies and propaganda


ISISISIS - The citizens of Indonesia who become former members of ISIS testified that ISIS organization is full of trickery. They invite all the people of Indonesia to disbelief against agitation and propaganda of ISIS.

"ISIS was a liar. Do not believe the same of their media anymore," said former members of ISIS, Raihan, as videos uploaded BNPT, Wednesday (13/9).

The lies of ISIS is promises of peaceful and prosperous life in accordance with religious prescriptions. Not peace, but the boom of bombs that often they felt.

Naila, female former ISIS, ISIS community rate worse than animals even though they claim to run the caliphate system. This is what she felt in Syria. "Told you, they could be worse than animals," she said.

Entering ISIS is tantamount to entering a pit of crocodiles. Another female ex ISIS, Difansa, feeling life in the shade of the ISIS really heavy because their society is broken. She appealed the public to never touch or sign in to ISIS.

"So, people who have yet to go in there, should be thankful don’t go into the hole, crocodile hole, hole of fraud. Save your time, save your money, save your life, don't waste our lives to get a lie in ISIS there," said Difansa.

She's got the confidence of ISIS was about to crumble. "ISIS soon will be destroyed. I am sure in the name of God, ISIS certainly will be destroyed. Because they not to enforce the word of God," said Difansa.



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