‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Avengers 4’ and others postponed their filming because of Hurricane Irma


IllustrationIllustration - Hurricane Irma which is reported to have hit Florida to the Georgia, United States. Storms that plague the State concluded the Governor expanded the State of emergency that covers all 159 State.

It also led to the process of filming, the popular television series 'The Walking Dead' and two movies 'Marvel Avengers 4', and 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' is stopped.

Reported from the Deadline, a source says filming will resume as soon as possible. Depending on weather conditions and recommendations from State officials.

Other production was forced to be stopped because Hurricane Irma is a drama series 'the Lodge 49', movie 'Erased Boy', the series 'Star FOX' and 'The Resident' which will resume filming tomorrow with weather permitting.

'The Walking Dead' will launch the 8th season on 22 October coming on AMC in the United States and October 23 at FOX, United Kingdom.



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