Wednesday, 08 Apr 2020

Hollywood Beauty Therapist was Found Dead, Being Murdered By Ex-lover


 Amie Harwick Amie Harwick - A 41-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of the murder of Amie Harwick.

Amie Harwick, a famous family therapist practitioner in Hollywood.

She was engaged to a comedian, Drew Carey.

Police officers received a call from Hollywood Hills on Saturday morning.

They got a report, there was a woman screaming hysterically.

The officers then met with Amie's roommate in front of the house.

He said that Amie was attacked inside his house.

She was scared and jumped the wall to go to the neighbor's house.

She wanted to ask for help, from people around his residence.

Amie was later found covered in blood, on the bottom floor of the balcony.

The police concluded he fell from the third-floor balcony.

This 38-year-old woman suffered serious injuries, and in a state of unconsciousness, said the police.

The Los Angeles Fire Department took Amie to the closest hospital.

However, Amie breathed her last while on the way to the hospital.

She died from bleeding from the wounds he suffered.

CBS Los Angeles reports the suspect is Amie's former lover.

He is Gareth Pursehouse (41), who now must be in prison.

The police found evidence of the break-in and forced entry into the house.

In addition, the perpetrators are proven to have infiltrated the house to kill and escape the same way.

A detective revealed that Amie recently expressed her fears to the ex.

In fact, she had filed a restraining order on Gareth.

Amie filed a restraining order twice, according to The Daily Beast.

This fitness trainer and therapist first filed this protection order in 2011.

Then, in the following year, he also did the same thing.

Unfortunately, the officers felt that their demands were lacking so that they were not granted.

Amie's death suddenly shocked the United States public.

Amie Harwick is known as a fitness trainer and therapist in Hollywood.

She often goes on podcasts and TV shows.

Amie has also been in a relationship with comedian Drew Carey.

Last February 2018, Carey's spokesman confirmed their engagement was reported by CBS from Entertainment Tonight.

Carey also picked up a video tweet with Amie on Monday Los Angeles time.

This departure, leaving a deep sadness for Carey.


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