Terrible story at Jonestown, many babies and children must drinking of cyanide


Terrible story at Jonestown, many babies and children must drinking of cyanideTerrible story at Jonestown, many babies and children must drinking of cyanide -  Peoples Temple is a heresy founded by Jim Jones. This stream made a scene in 1978 in California because all of his followers committed mass suicide!

This heartbreaking tragedy occurred on November 18, 1978 in Guyana where 918 people died, and most of the victims were from California. They died after drinking the ++cyanide.

The background of this incident is in the 1970s to 1980s the lives of people in the United States (US) are still closely with racial sentiments. Where the people of color, especially blacks often still experience discrimination in obtaining public services.

It encouraged some of white people to conduct racial equality campaigns.

Like a priest named Jim Jones who unites the lower classes in his church that he calls as the People's Church in Indianapolis.

And because it gets a lot of support by colored people as well as some whites then their influence extends to San Francisco and other cities.

It makes Pastor Jones get awarded The Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award.

Pastor Jones's influence also aroused the sympathy and support of various political leaders.

But because of the massive criticism of the US mass media on the teachings of his church, it caused Jones and his followers to move until they occupied a territory in a South American country, Guyana.

This estranged place by them is called Jonestown. For them, the place is a perfect paradise. They rented the place from the Guyana government and planted bananas as their staple food.

At first Jones was so adored by his followers that his policies and decisions should not be challenged. He is the most correct. And anyone who disagrees with him will be removed by his guards.

Until finally the question arises from the relatives of Jones's followers who are still in America, as well as the senators who want to visit the Jonestown.

Realizing it would be dangerous, then Jones ordered his followers to drink Cyanide which he called as a quick road to a glorious heaven.

Children die first, and babies are killed with poison inserted into their mouth with a straw.

After that, more than nine hundred people, including children, poisoned themselves.

Jonestown's massive suicide tragedy became the headline of a leading mass media, a truly heartbreaking humanitarian tragedy.



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