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F1 Racing Will Still Happen in Bahrain, Fans Must Be Satisfied Watching Through Television


F1 Racing Will Still Happen in Bahrain, Fans Must Be Satisfied Watching Through TelevisionF1 Racing Will Still Happen in Bahrain, Fans Must Be Satisfied Watching Through Television - The Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain on March 22 will be held without involving the audience amid concerns about the corona virus outbreak in the Gulf state.

Bahrain, which will hold the second series of races on the F1 calendar this season at the Sakhir Circuit, has received at least 83 reports of corona virus infections, mostly affecting people who have visited Iran. Bahrain has taken the decision to hold this year's race as a special participant venue.

"Holding a large sports event, which is open to the public and allows thousands of international travelers and local fans to interact at close range would be inappropriate at this time," the race committee said as quoted by Antara on Sunday (03/08/2020) )

Nevertheless, the race will continue. Fans must be satisfied watching it on television.

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Bahrain became the second grand prix affected by the corona virus. Previously, the Chinese Grand Prix which was scheduled for April 19 was postponed because of the outbreak.

Bahrain will be the first race without spectators in F1 history. Accredited media, however, will still be allowed to do coverage.

"We are aware that many will be disappointed with this news. But safety must be our top priority," the circuit authority said.

Previously, Sakhir Circuit suspended the purchase of tickets to conduct an evaluation related to the handling of the corona virus outbreak. Now, the committee will return the money to the spectators who have bought tickets after the decision was taken to hold a race without spectators.

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In 2019, Bahrain attracted around 97,000 spectators during the three days of the Grand Prix, with 34,000 packed the Sakhir Circuit on Sunday.

Meanwhile Bahrain authorities have suspended flights to a number of destinations. They also require citizens who come to the country after coming from Italy, South Korea, Egypt and Lebanon to isolate themselves for two weeks.

Nevertheless, the Ferrari and Alpha Tauri teams, based in Feanza, Italy, will keep racing in Bahrain because they will visit Australia first for the opening series this weekend.

F1 has also discussed arranging special charters for Italian citizens who work at F1 to avoid transit at airports in countries affected by the corona virus.



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