Monday, 30 Mar 2020

Son of Donald Trump compared refugees with Skittles candy


Son of Donald Trump compared refugees with Skittles candySon of Donald Trump compared refugees with Skittles candy - The son of Donald Trump caused a flurry of criticism, after comparing the refugees with the poisoned candies Skittles. 

Many social network users launched a flash mob by filling in Internet posts on this topic. The producer of chewing candies had to comment on the situation.

The Telegraph reports, it all started with Trump Jr.'s writing on twitter.

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The picture shows a bowl filled with popular Skittles chewing candies, and the inscription “If I had a bowl of Skittles and I would tell you that three candies can kill you, would you take a handful? That is our problem with refugees from Syria”.

In just a few hours, the tweet spread out over the network - it was reposted more than 9000 times, more than 14000 users left likes.

At the same time, in the comments to Trump Jr. people leave photos of war-torn Syrian children and adults with a skilful signature Skittles and criticisms: "This is not Skittles."

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Company Wrigley, which produces Skittles chewy sweets, also had to join the discussion. That's what the representatives wrote in response to a request from a journalist for The Hollywood Reporter.

“Skittles are sweets. Refugees are people. We don’t consider this an appropriate comparison. We respectfully discard any further comments, since everything that we say may be misinterpreted as marketing”.





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