Monday, 30 Mar 2020

Human Resources and Human Resources Development Agency (BKPSDM) Announces the Result of SKD Test of CPNS Inhil, It's Only 687 People Entitled to Follow CPNS Inhil SKB


The participants were currently attending the 2019 CPNS Inhil SKDThe participants were currently attending the 2019 CPNS Inhil SKD -Inhil-Human Resources Development and Human Resources Agency (BKPSDM) of Indragiri Hilir Regency (Inhil), Riau announced the results of the Basic Competency Selection (SKD) test.

Of the 8,723 participants who passed the administrative selection, 2,966 participants passed the SKD stage passing grade and only 687 participants with the highest score were entitled to take the next step, the SKB.

The Head of Inhil BKPSDM, Fauzar explained, because it had passed the SKD stage, then 687 participants would follow the next stage namely the Field Competency Selection (SKB).

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However, he could not be sure when the SKB would be implemented.

"It is still uncertain when the SKB exam will be held", he added.

Meanwhile, participants who want to see the SKD results can go through the site

To note, previously recorded from 9,546 registrants, 8,717 passed the administrative selection, while 829 applicants were declared not eligible.

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After three days of rebuttal opened, 351 out of 829 participants who did not pass made the rebuttal.

Of the 351 who made the rebuttal, six of them were declared to have passed the administration, so the number of participants who were declared to have passed was 8,723 people.

Of the 8,723 people, finally only 687 passed the SKD stage.


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