Monday, 30 Mar 2020

Going to the Market, the Regent of Inhil Conducts a Disinfectant Settlement


Regent and Regional  Leader Coordinating Forum (Forkopimda) Inhil when sprayingRegent and Regional Leader Coordinating Forum (Forkopimda) Inhil when spraying -

Inhil-Regent of Indragiri Hilir Regency (Inhil), HM Wardan together with the covid-19 task force team sprayed disinfectants to a number of crowd centers as evidence of the seriousness of preventing the spread of the corona virus on Tuesday (24 March 2020).

In this action, a team consisting of Vice Regent Inhil, Dandim 0314 / Inhil, Inhil Police Chief and others struggled to spray in a number of public areas in the center of Tembilahan City.

Aside from crowded places, spraying disinfectants is also carried out on protocol streets and shopping complexes. Using personal protective equipment (APD), the regent, deputy regent, commander and police chief immediately took to the streets of General Sudirman, Tembilahan to the Al-Huda Mosque and combed the shopping area while spraying disinfectant liquid.

According to the Regent, he directly descended in the sterilization of the area using disinfectants which were carried out as a form of seriousness with aim to inspire the community to jointly protect the area so as to avoid corona virus infection.

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"We all need awareness to break the chain of spreading of corona that has become a pandemic even in many countries. The solidarity of all elements of society is needed so that our region is safe again, conducive, as before," said the Regent.

The Regent revealed that the phenomenon of the corona virus outbreak had become an event that caught the attention of many countries and had taken many lives. For this reason, the Regent hopes that the community can participate in preventing the development of Covid-19 in Inhil Regency.

"Of course, we do not want this happens, especially in our beloved area Indragiri Hilir Regency. Let's together prevent the spread of corona," said the Regent, stressing the importance of obeying the published appeal.

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The same thing was conveyed by the Inhil Police Chief. The Chief of Police emphasized to the people who violated the rules, such as the prohibition of spreading the corona virus hoax and gathering many people in one place to be prosecuted as well as the Police Chief's announcement.

Meanwhile, Dandim 0314 / Inhil in this activity had praised one of the shop owners in the Jalan Jenderal Sudirman department store area who provided a means of washing hands with soap in front of his shop. The commander hopes that other stores can make this an example and help implement it.


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