Monday, 30 Mar 2020

Salute! This 60 Yeas Old Retired Doctor Without Doubt Joining 'Fighting' Against Corona Virus


New York lacks of doctors and nurses against the corona virusNew York lacks of doctors and nurses against the corona virus - When Dr. Judy Salerno, a retired doctor in his 60s got word that the New York Department of Health was looking for a retired doctor to volunteer in tackling the coronavirus crisis, he did not hesitate to register himself.

"When I saw what was happening in New York City, where I lived, I thought if I could use my skills in a number of ways, I would help," he was quoted as saying by NPR.

After retiring from clinical practice, Salerno became president of The New York Academy of Medicine. He advocates for public health.

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Because of his old age, Salerno is included in the vulnerable age group who will get serious illness if contracting. However, he remained stubborn to volunteer.

 "But I feel healthy. I work full time, I have no other risk factors, so I need to be there if necessary - this is important for me," he said.

Besides in America, in the UK, health authorities also said that about 65 thousand former doctors and nurses were called back to work and overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

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This was done after the NHS UK made an agreement with a private hospital to provide 20 thousand qualified staff and 8 thousand beds. This policy was taken after the number of coronavirus deaths in the UK rose to 233 people.

Among these, 53 of the most recent deaths in the UK are people aged 41 to 94 who have underlying health conditions.



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