Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020

The Beauty Queen of Midland UK was Expelled for Racism and Roughness; Call Corona as a Chinese Disease


Chantelle, grand finalist of Miss Midland UKChantelle, grand finalist of Miss Midland UK -British model Chantelle Foreman was blasphemed after throwing up racist words about the Coronavirus on her Instagram. Chantelle calls Corona a Chinese disease.

Not only mentioning Chinese disease, but Chantelle also wrote another curse harshly. Chantelle said that it was the Chinese people who spread the virus and infected many people in the world.

"Fk the ch * nks STRAIGHT UP overpopulated all look alike & ruined, infecting the best of us," she wrote again on Instagram.

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As a result of his words, Chantelle received strong criticism of the upload. But she still defended herself through other posts. Miss beauty and even then increasingly harvest a lot of blasphemy. Finally, Chantelle decided to delete her Instagram Story. Not only that, the photo posting has now been deleted.

Her Instagram profile is now no longer found. In a previous profile, Chantelle mentioned that she had been a finalist in several beauty contests. Among these are the finalists of Miss Swimsuit UK finalist and grand finalist for Miss Midland UK.

After the controversy he made, Miss Midland UK regretted and apologized for Chantelle's racism. The beauty contest party gave an official statement that it would delete the Chantelle profile on their website. It seems that Miss Midland UK no longer recognizes Chantelle's victory as a grand finalist.



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