Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020

Fantastic! Kylie Jenner Shows off Her Louis Vuitton Luxury Chopsticks for IDR 7 Million


Chopsticks for IDR 7 million with the Louis Vuitton brandChopsticks for IDR 7 million with the Louis Vuitton brand - Not an ordinary wooden chopstick, Kylie Jenner exhibits chopsticks for IDR 7 million with the Louis Vuitton brand.

Chopsticks are usually made of wood, plastic or stainless. Chopsticks are used as cutlery in Asia, especially in Japan, Korea, China, and others.

Kylie Jenner recently showed off her chopsticks on her personal Instagram Story @kyliejenner. But after that he made a scene because the chopsticks on display were very expensive.

Chopsticks are output chopsticks of the famous fashion brand, Louis Vuitton. The price is $ 450 or worth IDR2,267,050. The chopsticks are placed in a sturdy acrylic container with Louis Vuitton logo decoration around it.

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The luxurious chopsticks are made of wood which also includes the iconic Louis Vuitton logo. In her Instagram Story, Kylie said she would use the chopsticks when going on vacation.

It is unknown where he wants to go on vacation, but he may be going to Japan. Because the child, Stormi really likes sushi which is a typical Japanese food.


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