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Tens of Thousands of Masks were Stolen in Pagelaran District Hospital, Civil Servants, and Two Honors


Tens of Thousands of Masks were Stolen in Pagelaran District Hospital, Civil Servants, and Two HonorsTens of Thousands of Masks were Stolen in Pagelaran District Hospital, Civil Servants, and Two Honors - The Cianjur Regional Police finally revealed the perpetrators of the theft of hundreds of boxes or tens of thousands of masks at Pagelaran District Hospital, Cianjur Regency. Four perpetrators were arrested and one of them is known to be a civil servant (PNS) in the hospital environment.

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Cianjur Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Juang Andi Priyanto said the four perpetrators of mask theft were arrested, namely ISF, RN, YHG and CRN. One person with the initials ISF is a civil servant. While RN and YHG have honorary status. While CRN acts as a host.

"From the results of an investigation conducted based on reports of alleged theft of masks at Pagelaran Hospital, we succeeded in arresting four perpetrators," said Juang accompanied by Kasatreskrim Adjunct Commissioner Niki Ramadhany at the Cianjur Police Headquarters, Thursday, March 26, 2020.

The perpetrators, said Juang, took as many as 320 mask boxes in a storage area in the Pharmacy Installation Warehouse at Pagelaran Hospital. One box containing 50 pieces of masks is sold at an average of around Rp 100,000. "They sell them in stages. The first case they got Rp. 24 million, Rp. 18 million and Rp. 14 million," said Juang.

The mode used by the offender utilizes the circumstance of the situation and conditions in Pagelaran District Hospital. They already know the exact conditions because they are daily involved in the place. "Three perpetrators who are insiders, already know where the goods are stored. They deliberately do not sell the stolen goods in Cianjur, but are sold to Bogor to eliminate traces," said Juang.

The results of the theft are used by the suspects for spree, such as buying a motorcycle and household needs.

Juang revealed that the actions of the suspects became attention. Because, in the condition of the Covid-19 pandemic as it is now, masks are an important requirement because they are widely used by paramedics and the public.

From the hands of the suspect, the police confiscated a number of items in the form of several boxes of masks, medical devices such as syringes, tissues, ATM cards, cellphones, cash, and others. The four perpetrators were charged under articles 363 and 480 of the Criminal Code. Criminal threats for 7 years in prison.

The Managing Director of Pagelaran Hospital, Awie Darwizar, claimed not to know exactly the mode used by the suspects. But from the disclosure made by the police, said Awie, it is likely they have access.

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"The disappearance of this mask was known when there was a request for help with a mask from Cianjur Regional Hospital. We did not expect it to be in a difficult condition (mask) like this and the stock was limited. then in the operating room, "said Awie, reported by Tempo.



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