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For those who want to be Covid-19 volunteers, please register at BNPB's website


For those who want to be Covid-19 volunteers, please register at BNPB's websiteFor those who want to be Covid-19 volunteers, please register at BNPB's website - Indonesia needs thousands of volunteers to deal with the corona virus. The Covid-19 Task Force summoned volunteers who wanted to be part of the humanitarian fighters.

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At present Indonesia needs around 4,000 medical workers, ranging from specialist doctors to ambulance drivers.

"Hopefully this Task Force can get support from all Indonesian people," said Covid-19 Task Force Volunteer Coordinator Andre Rahadian, in a video conference from Graha BNPB, Jakarta, Thursday (3/26/2020), as reported by

Andre explained that later the doctors and hospital administration would remain at the forefront. Meanwhile, the final year students will be part of the second layer as part of prevention.

"Student friends help with medical and psychological consultations," Andre said.

The volunteers can register through the microsite that has been pinned on the official website of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), namely Andre targets within the next two days, the volunteers will be able to help in DKI Jakarta to all regions.

The positive cases of the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19) in the country increased by 103 people on Thursday (3/26/2020). Accumulated positive cases to 893 people.

DKI Jakarta is the region with the highest distribution, which is 515 cases. Then followed by West Java (78 cases), Banten (67 cases), East Java (59 cases), and Central Java (40 cases). The rest are scattered in 22 other provinces.

Significant addition not only in positive patients. Likewise the deceased. From Wednesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon, the government recorded 20 new deaths. Thus a total of 78 people were declared dead in this corona virus outbreak.

Meanwhile the total number of patients who managed to recover increased by 4 people, bringing the total to 35 people.

Yurianto asked the Indonesian people to work together to make efforts to prevent the transmission of the corona virus pandemic. He asked everyone to look after each other so that the healthy stay healthy and the sick can undergo treatment well.

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Therefore he hopes the community can implement the government's call to keep their distance when social activities. In addition, the community must also adopt a clean lifestyle and be accustomed to diligently washing their hands.

"This is the key to our success in preventing Covid-19," Yuri said.



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