Monday, 30 Mar 2020

Believed to Have Magical Benefits to Avoid Corona Virus, Here It is 7 Typical Vegetable, a Particular Food of Central Java


Sayur Lodeh (Lodeh Vegetable), a particular food from Central JavaSayur Lodeh (Lodeh Vegetable), a particular food from Central Java - Viral on social media about the recommendation to eat vegetables 7 ways to ward off the plague. This is in accordance with the Javanese tradition known as 'pagebluk'.

Lodeh Vegetable is a typical coconut milk soup food in Central Java. Processed vegetable Lodeh is made from various types of vegetables that are usually formulated from various vegetables such as young jackfruit, chayote, long beans, Melinjo leaves, and others.

Especially for Pagebluk or time to reject reinforcements or disaster, it is recommended to cook Lodeh vegetables with 7 types of vegetables. Seven or pitu in Javanese means 'pitulungan' asking for help.

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That said, 7 types of vegetables used in Lodeh vegetables have their own meanings and expectations.

These 7 vegetables are Kluwih, pumpkin machete, long beans, Melinjo leaf, eggplant, Melinjo fruit skin, and tempeh.

To ward off the plague, Javanese people made Lodeh vegetables and ate them, simultaneously and together.



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