Monday, 30 Mar 2020

Pity; Millions of Beautiful Flower Stalks in the Netherlands are Rot Because of Coronavirus


IllustrationIllustration - Many sectors were hit by the Coronavirus outbreak. Including the flower industry in the Netherlands. Millions of tulips and other types had to be destroyed because of Corona.

These months should be a happy month for flower farmers in the Netherlands, as well as for the industry. But unfortunately, the Coronavirus outbreak made the cut flower industry in the Netherlands bleed.

The Netherlands, which is famous for the largest flower market in the world was forced to destroy millions of tulip stalks and other types of flowers because they were not sold. Market demand dropped dramatically because of the Coronavirus.

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Millions of tulip stalks, chrysanthemums. roses and various other types of flowers, let alone mount in one flower auction house in the Netherlands. The flowers are damaged because they have been stored for too long.

No kidding, around 70-80% of total flower production in the Netherlands must be destroyed. Of course, this is a big blow for the cut flower industry in the Netherlands.

The closure of shops and other business sectors because of the Coronavirus is a dramatic consequence for tulip farmers in the Netherlands. They have no demand from buyers.

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"We have never seen a situation like this before. There is no demand for interest at all because of the Corona crisis across Europe," said Prisca Kleinjn, chairman of the Association of Tulip Producers in the Netherlands.

Therefore, now the association of flower traders in the Netherlands has spawned a 'Buy a Flower, Don't Toilet Paper' campaign to help deal with this problem.



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