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This is the signs of people who will fall the Kaaba before the doomsday came


This is the signs of people who will fall the Kaaba before the doomsday cameThis is the signs of people who will fall the Kaaba before the doomsday came -  The doomsday will happen soon, that's what many religious people believe. There are many signs of doom that we can see today.

One of the other doomsday signs is the collapse of the Kaaba. The collapse of the Kaaba is a sign that the doomsday has taken place. It has been narrated in a hadith. How is the story of the collapse of this Ka'aba?

The story of the collapse of the Ka'aba on the Day of Judgment is indeed already many narrated in many hadith. Doomsday is one thing that is sure to happen. All that people life is bound to die. Doomsday becomes a certainty from God that no one knows, including man.

"A hadith narrated by Abu Hurayrah says that the Messenger of Allah has said if the Kaaba will be torn down by a man who has Habasyah's crooked leg," as quoted from

While in the other narrations, Ali bin Abi Talib about the words of the Prophet who ordered to do thawaf in Baitul as much as he could. This is done before the obstacle arrives and prevents it from doing so. It is like the Messenger of Allah justifying the event will happen

It is narrated also, if there is a sign of who will bring down the Ka'aba. He is a head and a small ear. The man will destroy the Kaaba with his pickaxe.

While another hadith narrated by Ibn Abbas, mentioned that the Prophet also once explained about the sign of the people mentioned above. It has a black color skin, bent legs like the letter O and will collapse the walls of the Kaaba one by one.

According to another hadith narrated from Sa'id bin Sam'an mentions that one day he heard Abu Hurairah was telling Abu Qatadah.

"Indeed the Prophet Muhammad SAW said if a man or Imam Mahdi will be bai'at between Hajar Aswad and Ibrahim's Tomb, and the Kaaba will not be destroyed honor except by the Arabs themselves," quoted from, Desember 29 2012.

"If they have corrupted the honor of the Kabah, after that they come with the Habasha people, and tear down the Kaaba then it will not be rebuilt forever and those who will dig the treasure hidden in it."


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