Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Hit a Bentley car, the leek being a compensation


Hit a Bentley car, the leek being a compensationHit a Bentley car, the leek being a compensation -  An accident can be happen in anywhere. As experienced users of this luxury car with a vegetable seller. But there is something unique behind it.

Perhaps you often see a collision occurrence between a car with a handyman cart in a soap opera. This similar incident has recently occurred on the streets of Jinan, China.

Quoted from Shanghaiist, September 26 2017, the man who uses a three-wheeled motorcycle suddenly collided with Bentley car.

Through the WeChat app, the owner of the luxury car explained that it turns out the old vegetable guy was flawed. So he did not ask for any compensation for damages that occurred in his car. The owner only reminds the seller to be careful next time.

Surely the vegetable connoisseurs are happy with the good. In return, the vegetable man insists on giving something to the car owner. But the owner of Bentley continues to refuse and return to his car.

And a bag of fresh green onions got into his car. The vegetable throws the leeks through the window and falls right into the car seat.The Bentley owner appreciates the gift of a vegetable.




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