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The title of Valentino Rossi is now chased by Marc Marquez


The title of Valentino Rossi is now chased by Marc MarquezThe title of Valentino Rossi is now chased by Marc Marquez -  Touted as one of the best riders in history, Valentino Rossi had a lot of records on his behalf. But, one by one it starts being pursued by Marc Marquez.

The latest success of Marquez to beat records and close to Rossi in MotoGP Aragon, took place last weekend. Marquez captured the top of the podium, which makes him a total of already collected 60 victories.

Quoted from Marca, Márquez became the youngest racers reached 60 victories. He grabbed it at the age of 24 years and 219 days. While Rossi grabbed the victory to-60 at the age of 25 years and 62 days. The Doctor got it on a race in South Africa in 2004.

The top of the podium in Aragon also make Marquez has the most victories winning as Honda rider in the MotoGP class (34), beating Rossi who got 33 victories while strengthening Honda in 2000 to 2003.

But Marquez still lost to Mike Doohan, the owners of most victory in Honda. Australia origin racer gives Honda 54 victories.

Other records already earned by Marquez is the most number of pole positions (71 in all classes). While Rossi garnered 64 pole.

However, Marquez still lags a long way from Rossi in the number of victories (115:60), number of fastest laps (95:53) and, moreover the number of podium (226:99).

But consider the age of the Marquez had not yet reached 25 years of age, its not difficult for the Spain racers will be able to accomplish what previously got by Rossi.


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