Suicide on social media became a trend in Internet


Suicide on social media became a trend in InternetSuicide on social media became a trend in Internet - The suicide video that a man origin Ciganjur, South Jakarta, March 2017 and uploaded live on Facebook making netizens surprised.

But not only in Indonesia, a similar suicide turns out to be also carried out a number of people throughout the world.

In 2011, man killed himself in Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, India, while his girlfriend watch via Skype.

On November 2016, 19 years girl from France jumped to the front of the train speeding while preaching to her death through the application of Periscope on a mobile phone.

Ssimilar cases in different parts of the world seems to be horribly trends.
A psychiatrist, Avdesh Sharma explains, the perpetrators (also the victim) suicide hope there are people who react physically to stop them.

"It is sad, in all relevant cases that I have encountered, the public prefers to write in the comments rather than respond physically," said Sharma.

That's why, physicians and experts recommend family or medical officer to always make sure people with depression are in control. Moreover, if the patient is active on social media networks and yet feel isolated in real life.

Many mental health experts who have suggested that the Government or social networking sites enable SOS system while similar videos appear.




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