Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

How to Reduce the Bad Effects of Fast Food


illustrationillustration -  Maybe you can have trouble if you have to leave totally fast food, but at least reduce is the best way that can be done.

Some of the following ways might help you reduce fast food consumption while maintaining health:

1. Do not forget the fiber
Some fast food restaurants already serve fruit and vegetables. Add the menu to the needs of fiber can be fulfilled.

2. Reduce portion
The more you eat fast food, the more carbohydrates, fat, sugar, and salt you consume.

3. Change the beverage menu
Change your drink from carbonated beverages to fruit juice, milk, or mineral water.

4. Reduce fried foods
Fried foods rich in saturated fats, then less for the sake of health.

Absolutely, everything if consumed in excess will be less good for health. Similarly for fast food, as long as within normal limits, the risks to health can still be tolerated. But if you already have a bad health condition, as much as possible avoid consumption of fast food.*





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