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Five traditions that treat women with sadism


Navajo womanNavajo woman - Currently, women and men have equal rights and obligations. But in the olden days, the dignity of a woman was under men. Hence in ancient times women just used as slaves, servants, even as satisfy the lust of men.

But unfortunately even though the degree of women is equivalent to men, there are still some places that treat women with their own accord. Like some of the following tribes that treat women with sadism.

1. Cameroon

The tradition of treating women very cruelly is at Cameroon hinterland. This tradition is done only to women who are just experiencing puberty. Cameroonians believe that the big breasts are the source of the passions of the men around them. So the purpose in doing this breast ironing to keep the woman away from sexual abuse and also pregnant out of wedlock. The trick is very cruel, the woman will be ironed on her chest with a stone or metal that has been heated and after that her chest continued tied tightly with a corset.

2. Suriname

In Suriname especially in the Carib tribe, there is a very cruel and inhuman tradition to women, a kind of tradition of welcoming the puberty of the woman. When the woman has menstruation period for the first time, there is a tradition where this woman must test her strength and her courage by holding a flaming cotton up to her blistered hands and also wearing a dress from a mat full of poisonous ants. This certainly does not only cause severe burns, but also painful bites from the ants.

3. Uganda

Have you heard about the tradition of circumcision in women? This tradition is a tradition that exists in some countries to welcome the adult life of this woman. But the tradition of this circumcision became a terrible tradition when it was done in Uganda. The tribe in Uganda, the Sabiny tribe is a very cruel tribe in doing circumcision. Without drugs and sterilization tools used for circumcision. Residents of this tribe will cut some or all of this female genitals clitoris. The goal is that this woman does not have a high passion and can be faithful to her partner. If you can withstand this pain, then believed this woman will be able to menahah pain during childbirth.

4. Vancouver Islands

Menstruation is one sign that this woman has entered her adulthood. This menstruation is also one of the right time used to test this woman's body resistance in entering a new age as an adult woman. This tradition is done in the Vancouver Islands by a remote tribe called the tribe Nootka. Nootka tribe will do the tradition by sending a girl who just received her first period to enter and soak in the sea for several days in the state of menstruation and bare. This is one of the things that can indicate whether the woman deserves to be an adult woman or not

5. Navajo Indians

When a woman in this tribe gets her first period, she has to go through the first ritual that is quite torturous, the race run by wearing a very heavy deer skin clothes for four days in a row, from sunrise and running towards direction of the sun.






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