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The beauty secret of Russian women that you must know


The beauty secret of Russian women that you must knowThe beauty secret of Russian women that you must know - Maya Kirillovna Kondrashova, chief physician at the International Institute of Aesthetic Medicine explains, that Russian women used to take care of themselves since childhood.

"The girls since 12-13 years already have a pretty good understanding of facial and body treatments," said Kondrashova.

In addition, their beauty is also influenced by climates and hereditary genes.

"In Western countries, photoaging is more prevalent because they are exposed to sunlight, and Russia does not get much sun, so the skin of Russians remains soft and can last longer," explained Kondrashova.

The differences in summer and winter temperatures in Russia can also improve the elasticity and color of the skin. That's why Russian artists always portray Russian women with pink cheeks.

Another factor is the mixed genes. Due to war and migration, many people from different ethnic groups settled in the territory of Russia and mingled with the local population. Children of mixed marriages are usually born healthier and more beautiful.

Scientists have long maintained that the main difference between the Slavs face and the European and Asian faces is that Slavs have thicker skins with more subcutaneous fat. The thicker the skin, the slower it will shrink.

Foreign tourists are usually amazed with beauty of Russian women and how Russian women take great care of their appearance.

"Undoubtedly, Russian women are one of the most beautiful," said Gonzalo Furtado, owner of a wine shop in the city of Porto, Portugal.

"I visit Moscow at least two or three times a year to visit the exhibition, and it can be said that Russian women are dressed very fashionably.They have such a beautiful characteristic and they present themselves very well."

If you take a walk on the streets of the Russian city, you may be surprised by how many women wear high heels, skirts, and dresses, wearing makeup and coloring their nails. For Russian women, looking after appearance is not something that is done only for special days, but a lifestyle.

The ratio of male and female population in Russia affects this. In Germany, Austria, or Japan, the ratio of women and men is 96: 100. While in Russia, the ratio is 88: 100. In addition, Russian men have a shorter life expectancy than women (58.8 years for men, 72 for women).

The most beautifully popular international supermodel, Irina Shayk from Russia, states that Russian women spend a lot of time on beauty rituals and take care of themselves. 


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