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Some tricks diet to lose your weight until 30 kg in short time


Some tricks diet to lose your weight until 30 kg in short timeSome tricks diet to lose your weight until 30 kg in short time -Many people try to diet to lose their weight with eat just for one in a day, or even just eat 2 in day. Most people think if diet is not eat anything for long periods of time. A good diet is how we manage the right diet, choose the right food intake, and set a proper meal schedule as reported by


Well how the hell how to diet by eating 6-7 times a day correctly?

Here is a meal schedule for a good and right diet:


~ Drinking green tea without sugar
You can drink green tea for the morning at around 05:20. To produce a good diet, do not use sweetened sauce sugar in it.

~ Breakfast with oeatmeal
Oatmeal aims to replace rice as a source of carbohydrates that needed by the body.
As variation of food, you can use of 2 boiled eggs. Do not fry, because it can evoke bad fats that are not good for your diet.

~ Consumption of fruits
Eating fruits is one key to your diet success. You can consume some fruits that you like, or at least you can eat apples as your snack.
The right time to eat apples is between breakfast and lunch, then during the day between lunch and afternoon, then at night around 7 pm.

~ Make oatmeal as lunch menu
To get maximum results, you should minimize the consumption of rice or fried foods.

~ Consumption of vegetable and animal protein sources
To get a source of vegetable protein, you can eat high-protein vegetables. and to get animal protein intake, you can eat both sea fish and chicken meat. This can be done around 4 pm.

~ Consumption of milk
Milk is also a source of vitamins, substances the body needs, and other nutrient intake is already very complete.


That's some food tips that can be your healthy diet. And do not forget to rest enough for the metabolism in the body to run smoothly.


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